InCompany by Attire Club is a dynamic, entertaining and connected magazine that covers the interests of the modern elegantologist: from fashion tips that will help you develop your style, to clothes made from beer and insights on photography, business and politics, we have it all covered. IC XAC is the smart, captivating and sophisticated guide that celebrates spectacular living.
With over 120 pages / issue, the quarterly journal offers everything you don’t see in other publications and connects the dots of the fashion world. The magazine features style guides, interviews with fashion world movers and shakers and inspiration from around the world.
Each issue features the following categories, along with other singular special features.



In Their Own Words

Each issue features a series of interviews with the people who give shape to the fashion world. Designers, models, entrepreneurs, bloggers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers and more open up about their work, their vision and personal matters.


Fashion and Technology

The merge between fashion and technology is a fascinating field to discover. Each issue of the magazine features an interview with an innovator who is creating clothing like never before. Our interviews focus on biotechnology, wearable tech and more. Also, each issue has a “Fashion Ahead” feature, where we present one or more fascinating fashion innovations: jackets with microchips, digital mirrors and more.


Travel and Culture

Because we love looking outside, every issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine looks at one or more places. Sometimes it’s a country, sometimes it’s a town and sometimes it’s a region. We also look at ethnic fashions and the way in which these mix with modern clothing. From South America and Africa, to Europe and Asia, photographers from all around the world share their amazing works with our readers.


Secrets of Fashion

Clothing can sometimes be taboo due to its strong social significance. The magazine is dedicated to breaking these taboos and engaging its readers to a deeper understanding of what fashion truly is.


Current Obsessions

Each issue, we share some of the things we are obsessed with. Fashion- or otherwise!


Attire Club Mood Board

At the end of every issue, there’s a visual diary focusing on something different than fashion, but that can serve as fashion inspiration. From Swedish paintings to beautiful 18th century drawings of locomotives, we are offering our readers a stunning visual experience.

With visually rich photography, engaging interviews discussing fashion, style, art and more, captivating features on visual culture and useful style guides, the every issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine is your companion for a great cultural experience!


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