Attire Club

Attire Club is the ultimate resource for complete style guides, fashion inspiration and cultural insights that provide you with the tools you need for a continuous style development. Geared towards the sharp modern man, Attire Club offers practical “you can do it, here’s how” articles that will make you not only look better, but also feel better and more confident. With a groundbreaking new concept, AC is the essential online publication that brings out the best in who you are.

The Attire Club website features over 800 articles divided into style guides (complete articles focusing on how to choose the best clothes, grooming products and accessories, regardless of your age, style or budget), fashion inspiration (runway shows reviews, collection commentary, red carpet analysis, etc.) and cultural insights (articles on the history of fashion, commentary on visual culture, etc.).

  • Style Guides. The AC Style Guides are the core of the Attire Club website. Divided into Basic, Professional and Expert level articles, the guides focus on everything from suits and coats to underwear and accessories and provide men with all the tools they need to make the best choices. The articles are strategically focused on fit, color, etc. and the recommendations made apply to any age, budget and style.
  • Fashion Inspiration. Your inspiration can come from anywhere and Attire Club has got you covered. On the blog, the AC reader can find everything from runway shows reviews and collection commentary to our thematic monthly mood boards.
  • Cultural Insights. The fashion world is a complex world. On AC, we break down the history of fashion, the ideology behind clothing and the philosophies of style.
  • Interviews. Attire Club features interviews with fashion professionals and other business insiders. From designers and entrepreneurs to photographers and models, Attire Club offers a complete overview of the people who make the fashion world go round.
  • Connecting Fashion and Music. At Attire Club, we believe that music can boost your attitude just like fashion can. Knowing how to connect the visual with the auditive will result in a more complete style experience.
  • Corporate Fashion. The corporate world has a code of its own. Whether you want to learn how to make the best impression at work or don’t know what gift to buy for a boss or fellow employee, you can discover all about it in the Corporate Fashion category.
  • Metafashion. We call “metafashion” everything a man does before and after dressing up: his manners, the objects he makes use of, his lifestyle. Attire Club connects the dots for a complete experience.


Beyond the web


  • Personal Style Consultance. On Attire Club, readers can also receive personal style consulting sessions that offer an experience tailored to their needs and wants. We have offered advice to people from around the world, both for special events and corporate settings.
  • T-Shirt Shop. For those who wish to take the AC spirit with them, the website is also connected to a t-shirt shop. There, fans of Attire Club can purchase t-shirts made to be worn anywhere. The prints of the t-shirts are placed on the upper half of the t-shirt making them wearable even with a blazer jacket.
  • Press & Media Partner. Branching out, Attire Club has shared its expertise in numerous publications, both online and in print. Attire Club has also been a media partner or present as part of the press corps at diverse Fashion Weeks and other fashion-related events.