About Fraquoh and Franchomme

FRAQUOH AND FRANCHOMME is an organization dedicated to creating and advancing the world of art and fashion for people around the world through its network of brands.

We are known for producing high quality content that inspires, connects and develops ideas and people.

Reaching a diverse and influential audience, our portfolio is divided into four main pillars: the Attire Club men’s style, fashion and lifestyle website, the InCompany by Attire Club print magazine, the Liev Art Collections website and the Liev Notebook publication.


Specialties and mission


Our team specializes in art, fashion, media, publishing, digital media, advertising, trend forecasting, brand consulting and more.

We aim to develop a collaborative movement which will transform the cultural and artistic landscape at a global level.

Therefore, we are open to collaborating with creators, artists, retailers, designers, collectors, bloggers, NGOs, students and more.

F&F aims to to provide a platform for communication, pooling resources and connection across the creative fields.

Our mission is to provide support and to promote top quality creative ventures, start-ups and to offer our audience the tools they need to create their own creative universe.

To get in touch with us, please send us an e-mail on our Contact page.