Fraquoh and Franchomme is an artistic, creative and operational organization on an international level. Relying on our team’s expertise in matters of arts, creativity, marketing and business, F&F has developed state-of-the-art services with an original, practical, humanistic and generous approach. Our methods combine intuition and scientific conclusions.

Therefore, we have strong relationships with our clients based on confidence, mutual respect and consistency. Our services are reliable and provide a holistic approach.




1) Advising and developing product identity and strategies for development

Defining and elaborating strategic directions for a brand’s identity:

  • developing product ideas
  • operating on three different types of markets: the mass market, artisanal market and the luxury market


2) Prospecting, brainstorming and trend analysis

Our research offers us the tools to better understand the past, which helps us better conceive the future, as we join you through your whole thought process:

  • understanding a product’s/brand’s/concept’s history and mechanisms
  • crossing this heritage with our expertise on markets, competition and cultural scenery


3) Concept development

As part of our work, we have been engaging with both consumers and businesses and observed socio-cultural movements:

  • understanding the developing of lifestyles, which helps developing new directions for products or brands
  • creating new concepts based on the needs and wants of the consumers


4) Fashion Management Consulting

Collaborating with over 100 brands from the fashion industry, from major household names to small start-ups, we can help you develop your own fashion label, publication or blog by

  • defining new color palettes that define your brand’s vision
  • advising on fabrics, shapes, silhouettes and more in order to provide the best attributes for your products


5) Language and sounds

As every brand needs an impactful personality right from the start, we can help you by

  • developing names for companies
  • associating a brand with sound and olfactory elements


6) Graphics, packaging and promoting

Our vision and expertise allows us to develop

  • graphics, illustrations and photography for your brand
  • marketing and communications methods and strategies




Fraquoh and Franchomme has worked with both global household names and kickstarting customers. We have collaborated with a wide variety of brands and people and have also contributed to the development of events.

The following is a list of the types of fields in which our customers operate:

  • Fashion and clothing: from outerwear to swimwear
  • Accessories: from watches to ties
  • Beauty and skin care: from cosmetics to perfume
  • High-tech: from headphones to wearable technology
  • Home and decor: from pillows to bed sheets