Attire Club Presents “Man of the Day”

Attire Club has always been dedicated to offering a personal experience to its readers and fans.

This is why, in February 2017, it has launched a new category on Instagram called “Man of the Day”. While Attire Club will continue to share pictures from the InCompany magazine, outfits from various Fashion Weeks and cool clothes and accessories, they will also share photos of men who have that “It” factor.

This way, AC is sustaining the idea that today culture is beyond geography. In other words, as the website article mentioned, “while you might be part of a certain town, county or country, today you can be part of a culture that has absolutely nothing to do with the culture of your town, county or country.”

This way, Attire Club connects people from all over the world and who share a taste for coolness.

The way to become a Man of the Day, you need to tag Attire Club in one of your pictures or send us a message @attireclub on Instagram. Of course we also accept submissions on e-mail at


See you on Instagram!