InCompany by Attire Club Issue 1

The December 2016 issue of the InCompany by Attire Club magazine is a dynamic, entertaining and connected magazine that covers the interests of the modern elegantologist: from fashion tips that will help you develop your style, to clothes made from beer and insights on photography, business and politics, we have it all covered. IC X AC is the smart, captivating and sophisticated guide that celebrates spectacular living.





We Are Who We Are


Style Guide

How to Match Your Shirt and Tie


In Their Own Words

Designer Allan Vos’ Rules of Style


Style Guide

The Guide to Choosing a Tie


Travel & Culture

A for Austria


In Their Own Words

Car and Accessories Designer Jacques Flynn


Style Guides

The 5 Rules Men Should Consider when Wearing Accessories


In Their Own Words

Entrepreneur, Stylist and Designer Chance Okonski


In Their Own Words

Model and Fashion Designer Manuel Rauner


Current Obsessions

Here’s what We Love this Season


Style Guide

What Makes a Quality Watch


In Their Own Words

Model and Fashion Designer Martin Pichler


Style Guide

The Guide to Buying Winter Gloves


In Their Own Words

Entrepreneur and Accessories Designer Remy Nagelmaeker


10 Things to Do in a Year

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Man


In Their Own Words

Womenswear Designer Sergei Cherkas



The Hows and Whys of Getting a Better Sleep


In Their Own Words

Photographer Cody Caissie


The Attire Club Mood Board

Our Mood Board as a Visual Journal


In Their Own Words

Creative Scientist Gary Cass



Watch the Attire Club ‘We Are Fashion’ Web Documentary


Fashion Ahead

The Latest in Fashion Technology and Design


QR Code Glossary

Discover the Brands Mentioned in the Issue


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