Attire Club is at the St. Moritz Snow Polo World Cup 2018

The 34th edition of the Snow Polo World Cup between 26-28 January 2018 was held in the resort town of St. Moritz in Switzerland. St. Moritz is known worldwide for attracting the very rich and powerful who have a taste for luxury and great elegance.


Polo Player Rommy Gianni
Rommy Gianni


his year, the teams that competed for the cup were team Cartier, who also won last year (and who also won the very first tournament back in the 80s), team Maserati, team Badrutt’s Palace and team Azerbaijan – Land of Fire. During the three days of the tournament, the four teams played a series of impressive matches that kept the audiences on their toes to see who would win. While there were some really impressive goals scored by team Azerbaijan – Land of Fire and some quite impressive moments coming from teams Maserati and Badrutt’s Palace, it was Rommy Gianni’s Cartier team who took home the prize again.

After the games, the evenings of St. Moritz were also filled with glamour and style, as the visitors and participants of the Snow Polo World Cup partied away at Badrutt’s Palace, Steffani, the Kulm and other nifty places in St. Moritz. There was even a party in Maserati’s St. Moritz show room, where people could also see the latest cars of the Italian brand.


Snow Polo


Attire Club was at the event during all the days.

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The Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz will be covered more extensively in the spring issue of InCompany by Attire Club.

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