Attire Club Releases a New Style Portfolio: Fortune’s Spirit

Every season, Attire Club engages in an exercise in style, where we try to essentialize in a few accessories or items of clothing what the new heights of fashion and style are. It’s hard to combine conceptual elements such as how the world is, where it might go and where we wish I’d go, but the style portfolios we put together communicate in the end exactly what we want.

For the past season, AC has created a series of pictures that propose a three-layer story, where the furthest layer from the camera is a rather gray and uncertain layer, the world, upon which people try to build their lives. Today, to make something that’s uplifting for the soul, one needs to have a strong shell and a great layer of protection from the outside. This is why the three bow ties from the latest Attire Club style portfolio feature harder and darker materials on the outside and softer, lighter materials on the inside part of the design.

The Attire Club bow ties have been appreciated by clients and professionals and AC is now also creating on-demand pieces that tell stories about the wearer’s stories, may it be their career, the personal or the middle ground.